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miracle lamp
miracle lamp
Iron lantern white powdered . Enchanting oriental light reminiscent of mystical times from 1001 nights. Iron, (without glass) for large candles. H: 39 cm, ø 29 cm, 0.63 kg, without candle
€35.50 *
Elephant head made of wood
big wooden Elephant head
Impressive elephant head made of solid acacia wood. Extremely lifelike effect and carved to the smallest detail of the artist's hand . Removable tusks made of wood. Fixed Device for secure hanging. (See photo back view) Depth: 40 cm...
€489.00 *
Bronze sumo wrestlers
Bronze sumo wrestlers
Sympathetic small sumo wrestlers in 4 different battle poses. From heavy cast bronze in brown / gold antique finish. Average size of Sumo: Height: 7 cm, width: 6 cm, depth: 4 cm Weight: 170 g Price per piece
€21.00 *
sportive madame bronze
In different yoga poses . Each of the 9 models represents a yoga asana . ( Yoga postures) Heavy solid bronze work of art in the Art Deco style . Length / depth : 15 cm, Width: 8 cm Height: 15 cm (varies depending on the pose) Weight per...
€39.90 *
Hand flatterer
Flower of life- hand flatterer
These gentle hand flatterer are made of African soap stone and can be utilized in many ways. For example as a paperweight, as a decoration on the window-si ll, as a companion in your pocket, etc. No matter where they are, due to the...
€4.50 *
sportive madame bronze-mini-
sportive madame bronze-mini-
In different yoga poses . Each of the 5 models represents a yoga asana . ( Yoga postures) Heavy solid bronze work of art in the Art Deco style . Length / depth : 4 cm Width: 3.00 cm Height : 6.00 cm Weight: 60 g Details vary depending on...
€9.00 *
Table lantern from old teak
Table lantern from old teak
Table lantern from old teak with glass . These unique pieces are particularly suitable for a cozy evening on the balcony , terrace or garden. Height 25 cm- 30 cm
€29.90 *
wooden cat
wooden cat
Sweet cat made of acacia wood hand carved . Available in two models .
€24.90 *
Buddha mit Teelichthalter, Steinguss
Buddha candle holder
CURRENTLY SOLD OUT IN LIGHT Buddha Candle Holder Sitting Buddha in meditation posture . In the lotus flower in front of him a candle fits into the recess . The burning candle creates an extraordinary , beautiful and meditative mood....
€21.90 *
bronze mini elephant
mini elephant bronze
Cute little elephant bronze cast in antique finish . A wonderful gift and lucky charm. Available with a smooth surface or structure. Length : 5 cm Width: 2 cm Height: 5 cm Weight: 80 g Available in two sizes!
From €9.90 *
Buddha's hands hooks, cabinet handles, towel rails
Buddha's hands hook, cabinet handle, towel rack
Pretty bronze hands either right or left. Versatile, for example, as a towel rail, cabinet handle or clothes hook. Weight about 50g ∅ approx. 4 cm Length approx. 4 cm Manual work made from Indonesia in the wax melting procedure. Read...
€13.00 *
Bronze Gecko brown/gold
Gecko bronze
Noble Gecko bronze in brown / gold antique finish . Eyes and feet are gold polished . Can be hung . Length / depth : 15 cm Width: 12 cm Height: 2 cm Weight: 220 g
€17.90 *
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