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Our enthusiasm for long journeys through South East Asia for the unique lifestyle and the sincere spirit of Asian culture led to the establishment of Asia Art Shop more than 5 years ago.

In our online shop you can expect a special offer of Asian handicrafts, exclusive decorative objects, characters and small furniture.

Here you will find only ecological, fair trade and socially traded products.

With an authentic Asian design and the individual touch of our handmade unique pieces, you will give your home a special charm.

Our items come from Indonesia, Thailand, Nepal and India and are handmade on small farms. The traditional method of production is quite common and allows even the smallest family business to earn an income.

Enjoy the individual character and beautiful spirit of these objects when you visit our website.

Enjoy the attention to detail. We offer you exclusive, handmade artwork from Asia.

The multi-faceted offer consists of handmade furniture and home accessories from small family businesses and young artists.

A sensitive and responsible approach to nature, the prevention of slash-and-burn agriculture and the protection of indigenous animals is a big step in the right direction which we support.

Our assortment will be constantly changing and expanding as we mainly offer unique items and therefore in limited quantities .

Not all articles are always present in the online shop. If you are looking for something in particular and cannot find it, please do not hesitate to contact us without any obligation.

If you have a special request, we will do our best to get the article to you in Asia.

Our partner, with whom we work closely, has been awarded the ethical label, so that our customers can be even safer with us to obtain ecologically, fairly and socially traded products.
ethical-style Supplier of durable consumer goods

Ecological, fair and social: Consumer interest in sustainably produced products is increasing year by year. But what exactly does sustainable mean? Which products are clearly more energy-efficient or environmentally friendly than comparable competing products? And which companies pay attention to the social aspects of manufacturing? Precisely because so far no certification for products in your home has been in place as has been the case with organic food and natural cosmetics for years, the Ethical Style Guide was launched and at the Frankfurt Ambiente Fair for the first time introduced to help buyers find their way in this growing market sector and to promote trade in sustainable and fair consumer goods.